Brenda Anderson


I rarely look back on life, because I believe life is best enjoyed for the here and now, but when I do, I see many people who were called Brenda Anderson.  There was the baby Brenda Batten born in Winston Salem, NC, and then the quiet girl growing up in Pensacola, drawing my hopes and dreams alone in my room while never getting enough of the vast, blue-green waters of the Gulf.  There was the wife and mother watching my two beautiful babies turn into amazing adults while working toward a degree in Art Education and English at The University of North Alabama, Grand Valley State College in Michigan and The University of Houston, following the career of my loving husband.  There was the teacher for a flash (thankfully) but then many years as a Human Resources professional, all the while longing for the art life.  Then there was the joyful, ultimately happy grandma – oh wonderful reward.  When a year’s breast cancer treatment at MD Anderson and recovery opened my eyes, I retired and became the artist, exploring media, light, color and texture while discovering that silent, secret artist inside who appears in my work when I least expect it. Who knows not who the future Brenda will be, but I like to think she will continue to explore, create, love and keep finding joy in each stage of this wonderful adventure we call life.

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