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ALFB’s Executive Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 at the Fort Bend Art Center and members are welcome to attend. A copy of our Bylaws are available, click here.
Everyone below is a volunteer, and many other members volunteer their time to make this such a great League.
Thanks to everyone!

President  Diana Miller   281-728-5797

First Vice President  Anne Gregory  832-724-2369 -- responsible for marketing

Second Vice President Portia Bell   281-705-0122 -- responsible for demo artist and workshops

Treasurer  Karen Gehse  630-627-6050

Secretary  Brenda Bowman  281-455-0306

Membership Kathy Golden

Galleries Mary Lynch


President's Committees

Sponsorship, Chair: Diana Miller

     Committee Members: Brenda Bowman, Pat Herbert

Main Street Program, Chair: Diana Miller

     Committee Members: Myrna Yancey, Richard Callahan

Community Art Reach Outreach, Chair: Sue Roe

Lone Star Art Guild (LSAG), Chair: Nancy Lee

     Committee Members: Judy Beard, Janet Green (LSAG Representatives)

     Sue Zelko (LSAG Database, Website)

Grant Writing, Chair: Brenda Bowman

     Committee Members: Sue Roe

First Vice President's Committees

Publicity/Marketing, Chair: Anne Gregory

     Committee Members: Jackie Pena

Website, Chair: Anne Hallman-Perez

     Committee Members: Carolyn McGlown, Walt Glover

Second Vice President's Committee

Programs/Workshops, Chair: Anne Gregory

     Committee Members: Caroline Ratliff, Eugenia Garcia, Zineb Trifi-Sjahsam, Nancy Lee

Treasurer's Committees

Housekeeping/Purchasing, Chair: Richard Callahan

     Committee Members: Don Golden, Leah Blasingame

Gallery Representative's Committees

Meeting Hospitality, Chair: Shar Gillman, (click here for full Hospitality list)

     Monthly Coordinators: November Mike Hildebrand, January Jim Fuchs, February Linda Nicodemus, 

     March Brenda Bowman, April Margarita Rojas

Shows, Chair: Diana Miller

     Committee Members: Karen Oak, Jim Fuchs, Eugenia Garcia, Janet Green, Annette Smith

Special Events Chair: Marchita Priest

     Committee Members: Myrna Yancey, Barbara Hawkins, Janet Green

Membership Representative's Committees

E-Newsletter/Blog, Kathy Golden

Scrapbook/History, Linda Nicodemus

Membership/Directory, Kathy Golden

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