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Gallery Details for Members

Member’s Guide to the Art Galleries
The Fort Bend Art Center (FBAC) is run by the Art League of Fort Bend (ALFB).  At the Fort Bend Art Center, there are several areas of opportunity for artists to display their artwork:


  1. The ALFB Member Gallery Wall at the Fort Bend Art Center is to the left of the main gallery. 

  2. Gift Shop - ALFB general members (not a gallery member) must work one day a month if they want to sell art in the gift shop.

  3. The Mayde W. Butler Gallery at the Fort Bend Art Center is a co-op gallery. Artists interested in joining the co-op must submit a gallery application and be juried in. Co-op artists are required to work two days a month and must be an ALFB member in good standing.


Mayde W. Butler Gallery Management Team

Mary Lynch: Oversees organization of physical space at the Art Center, including the library; and merchandise display of the retail gift shop. 

Sue Zelko: Monitors the Teamup calendar and tracks fulfillment by gallery members of their shift obligations.

Carolyn McGlown: Tracks volunteer hours served running the Gallery.

Karen Gehse: Our Treasurer also tracks all Gallery sales and studio leasing fees.

Elaine Monnig: Oversees consignment agreements, gallery fees, and sublease spaces, including the Fifth Street studio.

Gallery Guidelines

  • You must be a member of ALFB in good standing to hang in any of the above Galleries.  Membership information is here.

  • All ALFB members are welcome to hang their art on the ALFB Member Gallery wall area. As a member, you are eligible to display one piece of your work for sale in the member gallery.

  • Artists wishing to display art must complete an inventory spreadsheet, including Artist's name, title of the piece, size, medium, and price. This will also generate a sales tag. The link to the spreadsheet can be found on the website under Fort Bend Art Center. See Don Golden or a member of the Fort Bend Art Center Management Team for details.

  • Artwork must be appropriate for a family-friendly setting. No nudes, gory violence, and/or obscene words may be depicted in the art piece or artwork title.

  • Each of the Galleries has quarterly scheduled change-out days. 

  • All Gallery art must be for sale.

  • Art must be appropriately wired to hang.  No saw tooth hooks are acceptable.  To view accepted methods of wiring art you may check the existing art hanging in any of the Galleries.

  • Art must be framed except for artwork created on gallery wrapped canvas.  Framing is not required for art created on 2” gallery wrapped canvas.

  • If your art requires a special display, it must be pre-approved.

  • Artists must complete and securely attach a completed art ID tag to the lower right side of the art AND also on the back side/under side of each piece of artwork.  Required details include: Artist name, Artwork title, size / dimensions, medium, price.  This helps us when the sales tag is misplaced.

The Mayde W. Butler Gallery
The Mayde W. Butler Gallery is the primary art display area located within the Fort Bend Art Center.  Artists who wish to join the Mayde W. Butler gallery must be members of ALFB, and must be juried into this Gallery. Artists must apply to this Gallery by completing the Mayde B Butler Gallery Application Form and submitting a link to their artists website or photos of 3 pieces of current art.  

New applications are reviewed by the jury committee on a quarterly basis: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st. Click Here to download a copy of the Mayde W. Butler Gallery Gallery application.

Artists who are accepted into the Mayde W. Butler gallery will be asked to:

  1. Sign an agreement and pay a yearly fee of $120.

  2. Agree to schedule and work the gallery a minimum of 2 days per month.

  3. Complete a training session prior to hanging artwork.

  4. Agree to promote the gallery and not just your own work.

  5. Agree to change out your artwork every 3 months at the designated change-out time. You may bring in new art before three months, but all spaces will change every three months, and you will be required to move your art on the change-out day.

  6. Agree to be an active member of both the Art League Fort Bend and the Fort Bend Art Center by attending and helping with special events, exhibits and shows.

Members of the Mayde W. Butler Gallery within the Fort Bend Art Center agree to work in the Gallery a minimum of TWO DAYS per month -- click on the above "Team Up App Link" to view the current Gallery Work Schedule.

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