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Below, in no particular order are the responses to our recent email appeal to see what you have been creating while in quarantine. Thanks so much for writing in, y'all have made my day! We are happy to share your beauty with others. 

     - Anne, website and membership

Thurston Johnson - I am a Houston police Officer working the COVID 19 testing site. My artwork helps me unwind and relax during this time.  I don't have my work up anywhere right now - all at my house. 


Linda Wise - This Bijou Box (middle) named “New Life”, completed in March 2020, lends the message of the life emerging from the most difficult places.

This Bijou Box (right)named “Serenity” completed February 2020, messages the quiet Serenity we can all find in nature’s beauty.

Elvin and Nita Lewis - Some new fun art and a rework of the head on the “Ranch Hand” finished now, and have started 2 new sculptures. Nita and I have kept busy, she with her writing me with art and staying busy with house


Sue Zelko - Well I haven’t pushed a paintbrush with the exception of a 6x6 of a   monarch butterfly that I painted alongside my granddaughter when my son brought the kids to visit from Colorado in mid-March. After that I got sick with respiratory and sinus infections, thanks to the generosity of my husband. We’re both well now. I‘ve watched three webinars by painters I admire. And I spent one whole week sewing masks to share with family and friends. I’ve sent a bunch to Fredericksburg where my daughter is an RN at Hill Country Memorial Hospital. She likes the ones with ties because elastic makes her ears sore after a full day in the mask. The design I finally settled on takes at least 30 minutes to make, not 5 like YouTube claims. Of course mine are a bit more complicated than JoAnns kits!  Lol


Patricia Miller - I have attached a couple paintings I finished while home. One is from our trip to Columbia and the other is a little stand in Brenham, Texas. From left to right: “Streets of Cartagena” , “Bluebonnet Country” and “Pick up sticks” 


George Covington - This is a work in progress oil painting of the Chaffee Brothers Dairy Farm that my wife Marilyn was raised in until we got married in 1967, the Reception was held in the main house. It is a very important place to her full of many memories. We are nostalgic during these times and her birthday is today. Her Dad and his two brothers owned and operated the farm after her grandfather died. The main farmhouse is on the left and the barns and outbuildings with farm equipment and hay, lots of hay and silage. 


Marilyn lived in the Stone house behind the main house when I was in the Army in Vietnam. The house was made of stone! We also stayed there after I got out of the Army and took some time off to get reaccustomed to “the world”. We then moved to Casper, WY, and my career with Unocal Oil company and our two daughters were born in Wyoming. The Stone house was also used quarters for many of her cousins families when needed.


Ed Meanley - "Vineyard Town - Lot Valley Fr.” Is based on a photo I took during a 2016 painting workshop in France while traveling in the van. One out of ten of those quick photos out the window of a moving vehicle results in an image worth painting. This was one such worthy image.

MeanleyEd_20Mar_Vineyard Town - Lot Vall

Jim Fuchs - To see his commentary about these paintings and others he has worked on during quarantine, please see his FaceBook page at

FuchsJim_African Sunset 1.jpg
FuchsJim_Foothills 1.jpg
FuchsJim_Sunset at Shore1.jpg

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