Workshop: Chuck Rawle    
Oil Painting with Color Keys

February 24, 2020 12:30-4:00 PM
at the Art Center

Registration for this mini-workshop:  $60.00 members, $65 non-members
Online registration is open, Click Here


For the demo, I will be talking about the importance of selecting a key and staying “in key” throughout the painting.  I’ll show what happens when you have a note that is off key.  It is as important to paint on key as it is to sing on key.  I will also be painting with a limited palette of red, yellow and blue plus white.  If you want to know how a limited palette produces a wide range of color and harmony, don’t miss this demo.


For the workshop, we will work on any landscape the student chooses.  The student is welcome to bring photo reference or use one of my photos.  It is important to have a red, yellow and blue that are fairly neutral in temperature.  I use Rembrandt Permanent Red Medium, Utrecht Ultramarine Blue, and Utrecht Cadmium Yellow Lemon or Utrecht Hansa Yellow light.  I prefer Utrecht Titanium White.  If someone brings other brands or colors to class, that’s fine, but it is important to have artist grade paints to be able to get nice clean color mixtures. 

Class Location: 2012 Avenue G, 
Rosenberg, Texas 77471

How to register or for questions:
Call Portia Bell, 281-705-0122
Online Registration Deadline is Feb. 20. 2020

About Chuck Rawle: When Chuck puts his brush to canvas, he wants the viewer to be transported with him to some of the most magnificent scenery. He expects the viewer to feel the sun on his face, relax with the tranquility of placid waters, revere the majesty of towering mountains, sense the dampness of a muggy afternoon, or the clarity of clean mountain air. Such an experience gives us all an emotional connection to the beauty of our world. And that connection is how art enriches our lives. Creating such enrichment gives Chuck immeasurable satisfaction.


In addition to galleries, Chuck’s award winning work can be found in several prestigious juried shows, including Arts for the Parks Top 100 in 2001. Chuck is a founding and signature member of Outdoor Painters Society, as well as Oil Painters of America.

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